Hi! I’m Lauren

I love and value good sleep!

I bring a knowledge of sleep science and best practices to help you reach your goal to get a well-rested family. YOU are the expert on your child. I will use your knowledge and expertise on your child to develop the best approach for better sleep. 

Trust the process that I introduce, giving it time to work (anything that says you’ll see success on the first night is preying on your exhaustion). Anytime you introduce a new way of doing something to a baby or small child, there will be protests involved! Babies and children don’t like change….almost as much as adults! But if you commit to the process, you will see improvements.

I believe that a strong sleep foundation is extremely important for the growth and development of every child. Adequate restful sleep allows children to function at their highest potential. When children aren’t able to achieve deep, restorative sleep, their ability to learn is impacted, their development of new skills is impeded, and their ability to handle stress is lessened. If you’ve ever seen a toddler falling apart around 5pm, you know what I mean!

Are you ready to get to work and restore sleep for your child? I’d love to work with you!


“I know how important sleep is. With a personalized sleep plan that best fits your needs, I’ll be there every step of the way to help your little one achieve their best sleep! Let me help you and your family achieve sweet dreams.”

– Lauren Peck

4 fun things about me!

I’m a mom of two (Liam and Hannah)

I’m the youngest of 7 and my older sister pierced my ears (she worked at Claire’s)

In my spare time, I love to read and bake

I’ve been in two places at once

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