I am certified by the Family Sleep Institute which focuses on positive psychological research. My sleep plan approach is adaptable based on your child’s temperament and your parenting philosophy. No two little ones are the same, therefore no sleep plan is the same! For some families, they need a lot of contact and interaction during the sleep training phase. Some like to have less parental involvement. Both approaches are okay! There is no right or wrong, only what’s best for you.

We do not sleep train with babies under 4 months of age based on the estimated due date (EDD). However, that doesn’t mean you have to wait until they are four months to establish good sleep habits. Parents who take the time to inform themselves about what to expect and work to establish good sleep habits from the beginning may find they have to do little to no sleep training at all.

  • Early morning wake ups
  • Nap refusals
  • Short naps
  • Crib refusal
  • Bedtime battles
  • Own bed/bedroom refusal
  • Multiple night wakings
  • Nighttime feeds
  • Nightmares, night terrors & fear of the dark
  • Leaving bedroom multiple times
  • Twins, multiples

Depending on your family’s individual sleep challenges, I will formulate my recommendations in an easy to follow plan, breaking down your child’s optimal routine, sleep schedule and environment to transform your little one’s sleep. For night wakings and short naps, you will have a response method that suits your parenting philosophy and your child’s temperament, so that you can respond to your child in a way that is comforting, consistent and conducive to restorative sleep. Your bespoke sleep plan breaks down your pathway to a predictable, nourishing and peaceful night’s sleep for your family, step by step; no more guesswork!

The biggest impact on the success of your child’s sleep is consistency. If you can trust the process, follow through on your chosen method and implement your recommended sleep schedule and plan in full, you will see a dramatic improvement in your little ones sleep with consolidated nighttime sleep and longer naps within 2 weeks; with significant improvement seen in the first few night’s! Methods centered in high parental involvement (lot’s of contact) do take longer to see improvements, but to most families it is worth the added time to utilize a method they are comfortable with; with the same successful end results.

  • It’s great if you have time to read all of the sleep books as we have. But, when you are experiencing sleep deprivation or if you feel you are at your wits end, reading books and trying to figure out what plan to put in place can take a lot of time and just add to your exhaustion. We are certified child sleep consultants, so you can feel assured that we can help you fix your specific sleep problems and also lead you in the right direction if you need more information.
  • We keep up to date on continuing education and the latest sleep research. If you’re still unsure, set up a free discovery call! 
  • The realm of baby and child sleep is a notorious minefield of misinformation. Instead of digging through google at 3am desperate for a solution to your little one’s sleep challenges, you could have an evidence based strategy, backed by science led extensive education, that is tailored to your child and will improve your family’s sleep within days. Better still, you don’t have to work on this alone. Change is tough, but you will have me in your pocket guiding and supporting you every step of the way.
  • There is so much confusing and conflicting information out there about sleep training and what it means! I can help you cut through the information overload and focus on the specific needs of your child based on their biological rhythms and age-appropriate sleep requirements, as well as your parenting style. 
  • The methods I use and information I provide are rooted in sleep science! Tailoring my recommendations to your unique situation is what makes working with a sleep consultant worth the investment. Plus, you will have me as that one person who can coach you through the whole process!
  • We do our best to answer requests for service on the same day if they are received by 4PM EST Monday-Friday.
  • Consultations are scheduled during the day Monday-Friday. We are unable to provide evening consults. When supporting families, we do provide some weekend support as outlined in our contract.
  • While coming to your house and implementing your sleep plan may seem like an easy fix, it isn’t going to give you a long term solution. We want you to feel successful in helping teach your child to sleep better. For this reason, we do not offer overnight implementation. We will be available to cheer you on and answer all of your questions during the day, though!
  • When we make any change to the way little one’s sleep, the following always remains true: an overtired child + change = tears. Whatever strategy we decide is the best fit for your child, my priority will always be to minimize stress across the board and if you do not want to leave your little one crying alone, you do not have to! Remember; an overtired child cries significantly more than a well rested one, so getting their sleep on track is the most assured way to reduce crying for your child.
  • With consistency and support, your little one will be sleeping soundly and predictably; with significantly less crying throughout the day and night. If for example, we are supporting a child from sleeping in arms to sleeping independently in a crib, even the gentlest, most supportive of sleep training methods with lots of parental involvement will involve some tears, so if you are hoping to transform your child’s sleep with zero crying, I’m afraid sleep training might not be for you; and that’s okay!
  • If you go on the internet and read enough, you are bound to find information to back up any claim. It is important that you recognize the sources of your information and the conditions of the studies that were conducted. Most of the studies done on children where this claim is made were conducted on children living in Eastern European orphanages and had been severely neglected.
  • Your child has been growing up in a loving home and you are concerned about his/her sleep habits. In fact, improving sleep habits in your child has been proven to have benefits not only for the child, but for the parents as well! The effects of sleep deprivation can be much more detrimental to a parent and child.
  • To speak more to attachment, we have never worked with a family who chose to sleep train because it was convenient and they wanted to be neglectful parents. They love and want the best for their children. They see their children struggling and want to help them. Sometimes a parent is afraid to get behind the wheel of a car and drive for longer than 5 minutes for fear of falling asleep. A mom may be on the brink of or is suffering from postpartum anxiety or depression and has been told by a medical professional that it is imperative to their own health that they get more sleep. Their bodies hurt and they see it in their child too- the bags under their eyes, the crankiness in their demeanor.
  • We often say, “If it’s not a problem, then it’s not a problem.” Not everyone needs or wants to sleep train their child, and that’s okay! That doesn’t mean that trying to improve your family’s sleep is wrong. Some may tell you it’s wrong or harmful to your baby. That is judgmental and, frankly, scientifically incorrect. Anyone who tells you to “just enjoy this time because it’s a phase of life” isn’t in your shoes.
  • Do you feed, clothe, hug, kiss, play with, and love your child? They have a positive attachment and that will not change with sleep training. Can an attached child sleep all night and still feel loved and know they are loved in the morning? Absolutely! Many parents express to us how they can’t believe that their happiest babies are even happier once their sleep is improved.
  • Contact me for a free 15-minute discovery call to meet me and discuss which sleep package is right for you.
  • Purchase the sleep package that best aligns to your needs and goals. You will sign a contract that I will send you.
  • You will complete a detailed intake form about your child’s sleep for me to review prior to our next call. 
  • We will have a 1-hour video consultation to discuss sleep philosophy and methods, your goals and much more. After this call, I will prepare and send you a customized sleep plan, tailored to your child and your parenting style and goals. We will discuss the best timeline to implement the plan.
  • You will implement the sleep plan with daily email support from me, as much or as little as you need, for 2 weeks.
  • We will adjust and tweak the plan as needed as we go through this journey together!

In the end, you will begin enjoying more sleep for everyone in the family!

That’s okay! I can support families nationwide through virtual video consultations, phone calls and email support.

  • There are no guarantees as we are not implementing your plan for you – you have to be the one to actually carry out the changes as we coach and educate you along the way. Every child is different and adapts to the changes you are making at their own pace. If you are consistent in following your sleep plan as outlined, you should see improvements. If you are not seeing results, it’s possible (but rare) this may indicate a larger sleep issue that may require some medical attention.
  • We do not offer refunds for unused support time or after a sleep consultation has taken place.

Yes! I also offer Ask Me Anything phone sessions. They are more of a DIY option, where I can give you all the info you need, but you’re in charge of implementing to make it all happen. For more complex issues I do recommend going with a half-hour phone call.